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We are three young adult survivors of rare and aggressive cancers, warrior women who are learning to thrive and are passionate about supporting others. This is a place for cancer patients, but also those who love someone going through it. We'll talk about cancer, life, love, hardship, and triumphs. Welcome, we're sorry you've needed to find us, but we're so glad you're here!

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A Quiet Fall Weekend

3 years out since my last active cancer treatment and even though we had a wonderful weekend … when I took time to think about

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Come Join Us!

We are teaming up with our favorite organization, A Time to Health Cancer Foundation (ATTH), to host a couch conversation on September 24th– bring your

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Brightening a Patient’s Day

People are generally good.   Most of them are actually pretty amazing.  Recently, it seems, I’ve had to remind myself of this more than usual.  Covid, inflation, school shootings

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Our Survivors



Becky is a physical therapist and loves using her knowledge to help people create their best physical life knowing they have to work even harder to conquer the mental aspects of cancer. She loves teaching fitness classes for cancer survivors enjoying their community support at the same time.

Taylor is a mom, wife, attorney, yogi, animal lover, part-time health nut, full-time free spirit, and of course, cancer survivor who is passionate about spreading awareness and supporting those going through any type of challenge in their lives, by loving them fiercely and unapologetically.




Emalee is passionate about creating a world where no one has to navigate cancer alone.  As an attorney in Washington, D.C., she is an example of how living with cancer does not define you.  



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