A Parent’s Perspective: A Child Diagnosed

My amazing, beautiful, smart, educated, independent (is there a limit on how many verbs I can use) daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at 27 years old. My name is Cindi aka Momma Cindi to Emalee. I remember receiving the phone call that started a chain reaction of events that changed our family forever. It came on a Sunday […]

The Watch and Wait

As a reader, I imagine a common thread you have noticed among the three of us is that cancer has lasting effects. We have found that most people think that once treatment is over, we are good as new! This is comical… Of course, every cancer diagnosis is different, but many survivors are placed in […]


This week I want to focus on the flip side of cancer – those who care for us. We, the patients, tend to get all the attention, right? We’re the ones fighting; we’re the ones that get gifts and goodies and messages and love; we’re the “inspirational” ones. We’re soooooo amazing! 🤪 Which is all true and good…but man, our caregivers […]

Does Sugar Feed Cancer?!

FIRST DISCLAIMER: This can be a very charged subject matter. Everything I am sharing here is my opinion, based on my experience, and is no substitute for medical and expert advice. (Much more research is needed to understand the relationship between sugar in the diet and cancer, IMO.) That being said, I am happy to […]


Living with cancer is challenging for many reasons. While many of these challenges are obvious, chemo, radiation, etc., there is an emotional complexity that is often overlooked. It isn’t easy for us to share our most private experiences publicly, it truly leaves me feeling vulnerable and raw. No matter how “healed” I may feel, reflecting […]

Dear Universe…

We recently bought a house in Virginia and have been chipping away at unpacking. This weekend I found an old journal that I sporadically used in late 2018 and early 2019. If I’m being honest, it was raw and uncomfortable for me to read. The pages are filled with ugly moments, me trying to make […]

Tough Choices

Eric and I had a few “big” conversations during that first year, but they were mostly to pass the time while we were in the hospital and occurred while I was heavily medicated.  Round two, brought on the need to actually have some of the bigger conversations, preferably while I was off the narcotics.  Tim McGraw has […]

Listening to Yourself

Have you ever sensed that you’re not well, despite showing no obvious signs of illness? Sometimes you just know something is up, but after a doctor’s visit and bloodwork, you get an “all clear” that just doesn’t sit right. Instead of being relieved, you can’t shake the feeling that something more is going on. We get subtle […]

Why Losing Your Hair is About More Than Just Being Bald

           Hi guys, it’s Becky again.  Today, we are talking all about hair loss during cancer.  I’m going to tell you what worked best for me, but listen to your tribe, your inner self and other cancer warrior’s experiences. What worked best for me, might look like something completely different for you.  I’ve had the lucky experience of losing […]

Say Yes to the Dog

When the three of us met and became friends, I was the only one that had a doggy, but you bet your ass we are now 3/3 for having pups! I can still remember Becky lecturing Taylor on all of the reasons she shouldn’t get a dog. For the record, they were all fair and […]