Living on Grace, Grit, and Gratitude

Running on Grit, Grace, and Gratitude –  I was recently listening to Mel Robins’s podcast and she got me thinking about my own top 3 lessons from the worst year of my life. While I am still reflecting on what my top 3 lessons would be, I keep coming back to these three words: Grit, […]

Spring Break Shenanigans

All thoughts are not rationale.  I understand this.  Yet, I feel strongly that because I have survived cancer; the rest of my life (accidents, viruses, surgery speaking) should be a cake walk.  Every time I get a stomach ache, my first thought is that the cancer has returned.  Certainly, it had nothing to do with the Chinese take-out I […]

Models? YAS!

So we did a thing… Sashay, Shante… Becky and I participated as models in the Methodist Cancer Survivor’s Fashion Show! This post is overdue, but I had to get something up about it, because it is such an AMAZING event. Truth be told, I was NOT amped about walking this year. It has been a […]

New Traditions

When I was diagnosed, my relationship with my parents wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. We had certainly lived through many growing pains and like most families, we struggled to navigate the transition into adulthood. But diagnosis changes families. When you receive the news, you have a choice to make. You can either lean in […]

How To Have Fun On Vacation When You Desperately Need A Nap

Have you dreamed about an amazing tropical trip while you have been hooked up to a chemo IV or recovering from surgery?  I have.  Vacation scrolling via Pinterest and Instagram were sometimes the best thing that got me through a long day stuck in bed.  My dreams are always semi-tropical, just warm enough to keep my neuropathic toes […]

A Quiet Fall Weekend

3 years out since my last active cancer treatment and even though we had a wonderful weekend … when I took time to think about it … I couldn’t believe how many times cancer crossed my mind.  Our family finally had a semi-quiet weekend; three kids in multiple activities and that rarely happens.  The strangeness that is […]

Come Join Us!

We are teaming up with our favorite organization, A Time to Health Cancer Foundation (ATTH), to host a couch conversation on September 24th– bring your comfies and coffee. There is no agenda, no script, we are just bringing our authentic selves to you!  I’ve included the announcement below and you can click here to register. […]

Why Being a Mediocre High School Athlete Helped Save My Life

I grew up as a fish; a Nebraska, land locked fish, but a fish nonetheless.  My family loved to boat, waterski and spend weekends together hanging out with friends.  My first memories are of swimming and skiing, having birthday parties hanging out on the boat and talking about boys.  Memories of my dad having the patience to drive […]

Why my kids are going to be OK…

Garrett, a 14-year-old nationally competitive triathlete.  He obviously didn’t get his athletic genetics from us, but mostly his personal drive and independence.  Cancer made our little kids grow up faster than we would have liked, but Garrett also became the kid that does one of his two independent workouts before I’m out of bed in the morning.   […]

Coping with Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s guilt. It was a confusing concept to me at first. It is devastating when someone dies from cancer, but I was so desperate to live, I couldn’t imagine feeling bad if I did survive – about anything really. Cancer narrows your focus and immediately makes you realize what is truly important to you. If […]