I Just Completed A Sabbatical….

            Last week my kids and husband returned from 8 days in Northern Minnesota.  They loved almost every minute of the cold, fishing, Wi-Fi equipped house, huge fires and riding bikes.  Prior to them leaving … I will be honest … I was counting the days.  May was beyond crazy with end of year sports, school activities and a lot of fun activities with our family (more to come), but that also left this old person body in need of some serious rest. 12 hours of un-interrupted sleep kind of rest.  A couple weeks before they left, I stopped stressing over deep cleaning.  We are in the middle of finishing our basement (hello drywall dust everywhere) and I swear I found kids dirty socks or granola bar wrappers in the weirdest place.  Fine, I was determined to leave it and do one deep clean once they left.  

            Final days of school and they were packed, bikes and all, and took off with me waving from behind.  I had a few minutes of FOMO … especially when Addison gave me a FaceTime tour of their cabin and it was actually a beautiful house on Lake Superior.  Quickly though, I added their combined in car travel time to be around 36 hours, my lack luster attitude toward fishing, especially in the cold and was quickly moving on to my best single life. A couple days later Addison texted me a picture of her wearing a mosquito net and I was positive I made the right decision.  

The need mosquito face net is a solid No for me

I was in charge of two dogs and keeping the plants watered.  When was the last time that had occurred ?  Oh yeah, last year when the kids and Eric did their first ever annual fishing trip.  This was different somehow, I traveled with some friends last year during the same period they were gone and it was perfect, but this kind of quiet was somehow wonderfully perfect for what I needed.  

            My initial plan was to deep clean and accomplish a “to-do” list a mile long.  Then, the first day out on the lake with some friends I started throwing around the word sabbatical as a joke.  But, it was true, when was the last time that I got to spend a week doing whatever I wanted to do?  So, there was some medium-deep cleaning completed because I had a hard time relaxing in a messy house; then there was nothing.  I walked the dogs, read, slept a ton, watered the flowers, watched some movies with my bestie, went to the lake and enjoyed the absolute quiet of it all. My brain, even more now after treatment craves quiet.  Over stimulus brings on headaches and putting the peanut butter in the refrigerator sort of moves.  That week was just what I needed to get rested for an absolutely busy, fun and kid filled sort of summer to come.  

Thank you Eric, who deeply understands that this cancer brained introvert was so appreciative of the time to turn her brain off.  My head usually spins in three different directions attempting to keep the kids happy and fulfilled.  It rested knowing I could reach them if I needed and that they were in their happy place with my rock of a husband.  

100 percent recommend a staycation sabbatical for yourself.  Is yours only 12 hours …?  Ok, loosely plan your 12 hours so they don’t include kid worry, email catch up or cleaning.  Your job is to cross exactly zero things off your to do list.  It’s hard, but your mind and body will be better equipped following.  Cancer or not, family or not, do this for yourself.

Until next time.



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