A Quiet Fall Weekend

3 years out since my last active cancer treatment and even though we had a wonderful weekend … when I took time to think about it … I couldn’t believe how many times cancer crossed my mind.  Our family finally had a semi-quiet weekend; three kids in multiple activities and that rarely happens.  The strangeness that is […]

Brightening a Patient’s Day

People are generally good.   Most of them are actually pretty amazing.  Recently, it seems, I’ve had to remind myself of this more than usual.  Covid, inflation, school shootings … basically the local and world news every single night.  Personally, I recently trusted a contractor with a project, paid him a big chunk of money and watched him never show […]

Why Being a Mediocre High School Athlete Helped Save My Life

I grew up as a fish; a Nebraska, land locked fish, but a fish nonetheless.  My family loved to boat, waterski and spend weekends together hanging out with friends.  My first memories are of swimming and skiing, having birthday parties hanging out on the boat and talking about boys.  Memories of my dad having the patience to drive […]

Why my kids are going to be OK…

Garrett, a 14-year-old nationally competitive triathlete.  He obviously didn’t get his athletic genetics from us, but mostly his personal drive and independence.  Cancer made our little kids grow up faster than we would have liked, but Garrett also became the kid that does one of his two independent workouts before I’m out of bed in the morning.   […]

Tough Choices

Eric and I had a few “big” conversations during that first year, but they were mostly to pass the time while we were in the hospital and occurred while I was heavily medicated.  Round two, brought on the need to actually have some of the bigger conversations, preferably while I was off the narcotics.  Tim McGraw has […]

I Miss Me

I Miss Me Becky Geringher November 22, 2021 Not every day, but definitely most, I miss the old version of me.  The pre-cancer me.  The cocky version of myself that never took out an additional cancer insurance policy because there was no scenario in which I would ever be diagnosed with cancer me.  I was too healthy, a […]

Why Losing Your Hair is About More Than Just Being Bald

           Hi guys, it’s Becky again.  Today, we are talking all about hair loss during cancer.  I’m going to tell you what worked best for me, but listen to your tribe, your inner self and other cancer warrior’s experiences. What worked best for me, might look like something completely different for you.  I’ve had the lucky experience of losing […]

Why Finding Your Tribe Is So Important

Why Finding Your Tribe Is So Important Everyone handles their initial cancer diagnosis differently.  I would have preferred to just deny the whole thing … seemed like the easiest route.  But, I was having so much undiagnosed chest pain, I was relieved that something was actually wrong with me.  I was beginning to think I needed to be […]