Your New Normal Is Not Normal

If you haven’t read Becky’s post, ‘I Miss Me’, please go give it a read!  It hits so close to home for me personally, but honestly for so many survivors. Cancer lingers. It lingers in ways that I never imagined. The moment treatment is finished, the common perception is you are suddenly cured and life will […]

I Googled It

Zero stars. Do not recommend. Oops… But honestly – I would do it again. The saaaaame dang Google search. I mean, what is the first thing you want to know when diagnosed with cancer? I’ll tell you what mine was. Am I going to live? How long am I going to live? It took two […]

I Miss Me

I Miss Me Becky Geringher November 22, 2021 Not every day, but definitely most, I miss the old version of me.  The pre-cancer me.  The cocky version of myself that never took out an additional cancer insurance policy because there was no scenario in which I would ever be diagnosed with cancer me.  I was too healthy, a […]

When Cancer Comes a Knockin

I don’t know if anyone actually knows how to handle a cancer diagnosis. Is there even a “good” way or a “bad” way?  I’m not sure, but I say F either way. I think we all process grief in different ways and whatever way works for you, is right for you. No judgement. I was wildly […]