Never Say Never

What I wish I would have known before cancer?  Gah-that is a tough one. Hindsight is 20/20, but from my perspective nothing prepares you for the Big C. Though I can share one thing I have learned and continue to learn every day. Never Say Never Cancer was so far off the radar for me. On […]

I Miss Me

I Miss Me Becky Geringher November 22, 2021 Not every day, but definitely most, I miss the old version of me.  The pre-cancer me.  The cocky version of myself that never took out an additional cancer insurance policy because there was no scenario in which I would ever be diagnosed with cancer me.  I was too healthy, a […]

Why Losing Your Hair is About More Than Just Being Bald

           Hi guys, it’s Becky again.  Today, we are talking all about hair loss during cancer.  I’m going to tell you what worked best for me, but listen to your tribe, your inner self and other cancer warrior’s experiences. What worked best for me, might look like something completely different for you.  I’ve had the lucky experience of losing […]